‘I have always been interested in the influence and interference of Man on the natural environment.
I paint mainly on board using a variety of media - acrylic inks and paint and oil pastels, creating small, intimate, expressive and decorative paintings of shapes, patterns and textures layered on visual memories.’

Drawing heavily on his early work as a calligrapher and graphic designer, and inspired by the Vienna Secession and Paul Klee, Alastair is developing a very personal style inspired by the colours, textures and patterns of the Scottish landscape, conveying a sense of atmosphere, weather and memory of place.

After a career as an art educationalist - latterly in the Faculty of Education, University of Glasgow, a Past President of the National Society for Education in Art and Design, a trustee with the Athene Trust - he has spent the last ten years exploring the tension between spontaneity and risk and a more controlled approach.

Specialising in sea and land scapes, he exhibits regularly through a number of galleries.

His work is in private collections around the world.